Brent Herrig Spoonfuls of Inspiration in orange & black

Dale Donchey – Tea or Coffee


Dale Donchey’s Spoonful Story

Coffee, like wine, comes in varying degrees of quality and flavor. Coffee aficionados like Dale Donchey use what’s called a cupping spoon to identify and score coffee. Rather than sticking his nose into a steam hot mug like a wine sommelier would, Donchey uses this spoon to assess the liquid. His silver plated spoon from the 1920s has a special place in Donchey’s heart: “This is my first and only cupping spoon. It’s traveled a lot of miles with me, helped me taste A LOT of both good and bad coffees, and is one of my favorite learning tools.”

Coffee is Donchey’s livelihood, but he sees it as something far greater than that. With every cup he serves, he sees himself as the last link in the long chain of producing and serving products -coffee beans- from all over the world. “I can honestly say I have no idea what I would do if [coffee] ever went away,” Donchey states.

Ingredients: Whole bean coffee, ground coffee, tea leaves, hibiscus flower, cream and water

What are the “Spoonfuls of Inspiration”

Among chefs there is one universal truth: each has a favorite spoon. Whether wooden, metal, porcelain, plastic, or bone, chefs use this indispensable tool to measure, stir, flip, fold, divide, carry, plate, and – most importantly – to taste. Most chefs will tell you that their favorite spoon is an extension of themselves, an appendage without which they would be hard-pressed to survive.

Brent Herrig’s Spoonfuls of Inspiration series captures the unique emotional connection between chef and spoon. Created in collaboration with the chef, these abstract portraits showcase their favorite spoon alongside the ingredients and elements that inspire them. Here you’ll find a selection of Spoonfuls of Inspiration representing chefs, bartenders, and baristas from around the globe.

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