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FAQ  - Frequently Asked Questions

General Topic – Common Questions: Q&A

A. Yes, since 2020 we have seen a huge rise in the need for remote shooting. What this means is that you do not have to be on set for the shoot. You can send your products and have us shoot everything in-studio or on-location as normal. We utilize a live portal that is set up for you and your team to see the shoots happening live. We can set up screen shares to view the photos coming into the computer. As well, we can set up a camera angle of the set itself. As soon as you have feedback you are able to share it either by video chat, voice-only chat, or messenger chat as if you were right there.
A. This is a common question that I get and my answer is always the same. This depends on several variables such as: what we are shooting, how many shots, how the photos are being used or the usage of the photos, the amount of lighting needed, the production that is required, post-production or retouching, and rounds of edits that might be needed. Also, things like where is this being used at? I do charge different rates for something that will live on a billboard vs simply social media or website shoots. So I always ask you to please provide me with as much information as possible and I will then be able to give you an accurate quote.
A. I am open to many different scenarios. For restaurants or bars, we will (of course) be shooting at your venue. If we are shooting a product, I can bring the mini-studio to you, or we can utilize my studio space or rent a space dedicated just for you. And for portraits, I am happy to come to your office or you are welcome to come to my studio. And for lifestyle photography, we can find a location or use something you have access to.
A. Over the past 16 years, I have worked with everyone from advertising agencies who are directing all points of the shoot to working hands-on with your in-house marketing team to produce the entire shoot and assist with how to best utilize the assets. I am comfortable with both of these scenarios and can adapt to what is needed.
A. I normally will deliver you images in 4-5 business days or less. I utilize Dropbox to host the delivery of the images or videos and can export whatever size is needed, ranging from social media formats to hi-resolution printable files. **Other delivery methods can be used if preferred.
A. Yes, with all of our services we have a licensing fee built into the Creative Fee. For a small digital usage request, you can expect it to be included in the cost of the project. However, for larger media usage there will be an additional line item in the estimate or invoice for this usage. Please let us know what rights you are looking for in your inquiry.
A. The short answer is Yes. But I like to utilize great lighting and technical in-camera techniques to best capture everything as close to finished as possible. However, sometimes retouching is unavoidable. Retouching costs vary depending on the number of images and the complexity of the retouching required.When the job calls for it, we collaborate with professional retouchers for the more extensive projects that require composite or creative retouching. If this is the case, I work closely with them to direct the best possible outcome.
A. Working with a specialist is always best. Culinary photography has a list of things to pay close attention to and understands how they work differently. Working with Brent Herrig and his team will allow you to get the best results for your brand's food or drink photography or video needs. Brent has 15+ years of specialized training and will bring everything that is needed to your brand shoot every time!
A. Head over to my Contact page or any form at the bottom of this page. Fill out the form with the most actuate information and submit it. **Details are key here, let us know what the project is, how many assets are needed, how many people, products, or recipes are needed to be captured, your timeline for this project, and any other information that may be needed to know.
A. Planning ahead is always the best option. I generally schedule out 3-6 weeks ahead or several months for larger events or productions. So if you have a project coming up let me know your timeline and we will do our best to schedule accordingly. There is always a chance that I can fit you into the schedule for next week if you need to move that fast.
A. When you reach out about a shoot, from day one I like to learn about your company's needs and specifically what you are trying to get out of this project that you are reaching out for. As an experienced food and drinks photographer, I have surrounded myself with a professional team to best execute your needs for the project. I come from an expert lighting background and I feel that every client deserves a specific lighting look and feel for their products. My website will show you a range of styles I have done in the past. But remember this is a curated selection of my work. I simply can't show everything. So if you are looking for something specific or a certain example just ask. My clients connect with me and trust me in the process. I believe you should feel comfortable working with whatever photographer you choose.
A. Simply, go to any form on my website and message me the details you are looking to achieve. If you want to talk it out, you can message me to arrange a call for us to discuss your next project details.
A. You can expect either a few emails or phone calls to discuss the look, the shot list, and much more about the shoot. Before the shoot happens we will have everything locked in and you will be feeling great about the upcoming shoot day.
A. Yes, I do keep copies for a certain period of time. Typically 3-4 years and in certain cases much more.
A. Unless previously discussed, I do retain all rights to my photos for self-promotion. So, Yes it is always possible.
A. In most of the cases, Brent will. be the point person for the details of the shoot. If we are utilizing a producer they can also be a good point person if needed.
A. This varies on the situation, but in every scenario, I approach it with a professional touch. When strobes or constant lighting is utilized it is always professional-grade gear.

Food and Drinks Photographs

A. Yes, plus so much more! This is where I got my start. I work with all kinds of restaurants and bars shooting everything from - chef portraits to team photos, food photos to drink photos, venue photographs to interior photography, staged lifestyle photography to real customer moments. We can capture your entire restaurant's or bar's visual needs. I have set packages for restaurants & bars that are all-inclusive, so don't worry about all the detailed questions below about how I price. Just drop me a message ([email protected]) or call me (917-697-2663)
A. A props stylist is a creative professional who manages all of the props on a shoot. They collaborate with the photographer and client to make sure they source the best props for each job and be sure we have all of the little things that will take your photoshoot from good to great! They are in charge of finding the best plates, glassware, surfaces, linens, and any other strange items that may be needed. During the shoot, the prop stylist’s job is to do exactly that, prop all of those items with the photographer to best fill the frame of the lens. Props are often rented and other times specifically purchased for a job and in some cases rented from the personal collections of the photographer or stylist.
A. A Food Stylist is a creative professional who can prep and cook all of the food items onset and most importantly, makes the food look great with different plating techniques and styling tricks. The food stylist can be involved in the pre-production process as well to discuss how you want to see your food and the presentation of it all. They can also act as recipe developers for your product. This is done well in advance of your shoot with several rounds of reviews as needed.
A. A Cocktail Stylist is a professional who specifically specializes in the art of drink making. This person can also be a food stylist but not always. A cocktail stylist will focus on making your cocktail or beverage items look absolutely spectacular. Brent and his team have worked with brands both big and small so rest assured they know drinks! We work with both real ice crystal clear and fake ice if the need arises.
A. This depends on the complexity of the shots and recipes. Simple cocktails on a simple setup with no props we can do several final shots 10-40. More complex and more individualized recipes with several components maybe 4-8 per day. I would love to learn more about what you are looking to have photographed and we can figure out a good timeline from there.
A. The simple answer is: No. There are always creative ways to get to the same place. Production Value is definitely added when stylists are involved. But to save on the bottom line we can work with your chef or recipe development team to style or your team can also source the props and send them to my studio or location. There are always different ways to do the same thing.
A. I personally don't offer styling only without shooting involved. But I am more than happy to direct you to someone who I work with and who specializes in this.

Animated Stills – GIFS – Cinemagraphs – Parallax – Stop Motion

A. Cinemagraphs are still photographs with the addition of a simple and repetitive video motion. This is then combined to create a looping video clip. The final product can be exported as an animated GIF or in several video formats. When played and looped gives the viewer a surreal view with provides an advanced engagement of curiosity.
A. The Parallax effect is when you create an animation out of either 1 or several images that have been composited together and then animated to feel as if you are moving through the frame. This creates a visual that will be sure to slow the viewer.
A. To keep it simple, GIFs are a series of images or soundless video that will loop continuously and doesn't require anyone to press play. This can be a simple action or steps looping to show how something is done or a series of several of images to create a looping animated motion.
A. Stop-motions are several still frames stitched together in a video format to tell a story. It could be as simple as buttering toast or as complicated as a full cocktail being made. To see more about what is stop-motion in food and drink photography check this link out.
A. Most all digital marketing can now accept a video format instead of a traditional still jpeg photo. Adding even a simple action to an advertisement will boost engagement and hold people's attention longer. Now imagine seeing your food or drink photos come alive on the screens of your audience.
A. Depending on the quality and style of photo you are considering to animate it is totally possible to use existing imagery to do this with. To guarantee a great product I always recommend shooting it with the motion or animation in mind and with my team to get the end result.

Culinary Video Productions

A. Video production can be broken down into five phases: concept development and pre-production, during which time ideas are brainstormed and planned; then there's the stage where content gets recorded on set with products, actors or other people who appear in front of the camera for scenes. Then, we have post-production workflow - this includes editing together all aspects from start to finish so that it looks cohesive as well feeling professional when delivered. Finally, we have Marketing and Distribution - this is when the product finally gets seen by the intended audience.
A. Video is an excellent way to connect on a more personal level with your audience. In fact, videos are 43% better than other content formats at establishing authority and generating leads!

Portraits and Corporate Headshots

A. Brent Herrig Photography can shot envirormental portraits, corporate imagery, headshots captured on backgrounds, large-scale headshot productions 25-700, creative portraiture, and corporate headshots are all possible.
A. Portrait Photography is capturing images of people either looking directly at the camera or in the general area. The purpose of portrait photography is to capture the personality inside of an image and convey something about the subject of the portrait.
A. This is a common question. Yes, I understand the fear of having your photo taken. You are in good hands, I am a very personable individual. I will get you talking and relaxed. My professional lighting can make anyone look amazing so don't worry about that! So it is all about capturing those relaxed moments.
A. Yes, it all depends on what kind of package or service you are booking. Most corporate single-image deliveries take around 10-15 mins. And other multiple-look portrait sessions can take a few hours.
A. Yes, you are welcome to bring options. It is even encouraged since some backgrounds work well with certain colors or patterns.
A. YES and YES, I am open to many different scenarios. For portraits, I am happy to come to your office or you are welcome to come to my studio. If your location is easier I can also bring a mini-studio if the shoot requires a certain background or rent a space dedicated just for you.
A. Yes, I travel for shoots both around NYC and I also travel both to different states and internationally for larger shoots as well.
A. I normally book out a few weeks in advance. But yes, there is always a chance I can fit a shoot in just message me to check my schedule.
A. Normal delivery time of photos is less than 4 business days. In many cases, we can make the selects while we are shooting and I can get them to you the next day.
A. I grant rights for images that are very flexible depending on the needs. For portraits I always guarantee an exclusive nature, meaning I can't sell your images to others without your permission.
A. We can discuss the needs that you are asked for. And then use that to determine what style of portrait we should capture. We can always do a few different styles to meet the range of visual needs.
A. Yes, I am able to work on location. If lighting is required a larger space is preferred like a conference room.
A. Yes, I can photograph several people per shoot. And depending on the request can work with my team to capture as many people as needed. We have been known to shoot 400+ people in one day.
A. Yes, I love working with marketing departments or internal creative teams. I am comfortable leading creative direction or following the direction that has been predetermined.

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