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Many professional photographers dismiss the allure of corporate photography: Food photography is a particularly trendy niche in the social media era.  Editorial photography will always be the go-to for print journalism. And GIFS and cinemagraphs are pushing still photographers to explore movement at record speed.

But when it comes to the many photography needs of small businesses, large corporations, and event planners? Corporate photography is not only ripe with opportunity, but also with huge potential for creativity.



Corporate photography includes all kinds of photographs used for a corporation’s needs. The types of corporate photography include portraits, product photos, office environment photos, and event photography. The photographs can then be used in employee recruitment materials or digital training sessions. They tell a visual story of the company’s personality on websites and advertising materials. They also, visually articulate and supporting material in company reports. And they help to both market and then document corporate events.

What’s the difference between corporate versus commercial photography? With commercial photography, the photographer highlights one product or service the company offers. With corporate photography, each photograph supports and sells the company’s overall brand story. A corporate photographer doesn’t look to capture a service. They look to capture the personality and confidence of those providing the service.

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