Brent Herrig Food Photographer in orange & black
4 of the best drinks photographs from Brent Herrig Photography

Drinks Photographer | Brent Herrig // New York

You know a good bar when you walk into one. There’s a smell in the air: The tang of sour beer, the sweet bitter of Negroni, and a hint of cologne mingle and mix. Music pulses, just so. Light falls gently on laughing faces, dark wood panels, and glittering glasses. Here, life is whatever you need it to be.

Capturing the energy and excitement of that perfect bar in pictures, though? Not as magical.

Drinks are more beautiful to the eye in real-life circumstances than they are in still-life photos. This is for a few reasons: Wine doesn’t offer much color or texture. One beer doesn’t look much different from another. And while craft cocktails make big impressions on the bar, it takes a professional to see and capture their details. On top of all that, glassware and bottles like to ping light around like there’s no tomorrow. These make hiring a professional drinks photographer like Brent Herrig vital for your commercial and advertising needs.



Drinks photography refers to capturing detailed photographs of drinks like beer, wine, cocktail, soda, and other beverages. These are used specifically in digital signage, print advertising campaigns, commercial billboards, social media outreach, and more. An editorial photographer may also combine drinks photography with portrait photography and lifestyle photography. In this circumstance, full editorial lifestyle shoots can support magazine stories or online media campaigns.

As a professional drinks photographer, Brent specializes in lighting, framing and styling of drinks. His camera always focuses attention on the beverage or bottle. But where an untrained photographer may softly light the product as you would for a portrait shoot, Brent knows better. Crafted lighting, sharp contrast, and props placed with intention make for the best cocktail photographs.

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