A compilation of several food, drink, and portraits photography from Brent Herrig Photo

New York to USA

New York City is one of the most iconic cities in the world, known for its energy, diversity, and creative spirit. It’s also home to some of the most talented photographers, including Brent Herrig.

Brent started his career off 17 years ago in the United States and is still the main headquarters of Brent Herrig Photography LLC which is located in the heart of New York City, a great place to work with clients from all around the United States. With a background as a Commercial Photographer, Brent focuses on food and beverage photography, advertising productions, hotel photography, culinary hospitality, and lifestyle moments, as well as, corporate photography and chef portraiture. Brent started working in New York City 17 years ago and now offers services all around in the United States.

Brent’s work as a Cocktail Photographer, Cookbook Photographer, Food Photographer, Hotel Photographer, and Advertising Photographer and Director. He has been impactful to many global brands that were looking for creative and unique photography services.  At the same time has brought his range of skills to some great smaller brands as well.

Clients appreciate the highly collaborative experience that Brent brings to the table. The process begins with Brent assisting the client in expressing their vision and campaign objectives. After that, the shoot is guided by his creative artistic direction – which was developed from hundreds of successful collaborations – and finally develops the shoot into the final product. Discussing location, props, and plating, Brent’s team of talented stylists and assistants become as hands-on as needed. Each excellent still picture or motion asset is complimented by Brent’s superior lighting abilities, creative eye, and craftful editing.

His clients are proud of his artistic vision, technical expertise, attention to detail, and pleasant, approachable personality.

New York

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