HH Bespoke Featured Cocktails

by | Feb 1, 2023

Commercial cocktail photo on a white backdrop show a coupe glass with a rum drink garnished with a sprig of mint.

Daisy De Santiago

Main Spirit: HH Bespoke Rum

Ingredients: 1 ½ oz HH Bespoke Rum, 1 oz Lime Juice, juice, ½ oz Yellow Chartreuse, 1 ½ teaspoon Demerara Syrup (2:1)

Preparation: Shake Rum, lime juice, Yellow Chartreuse and Demerara Syrup in cocktail shaker with ice. Double strain into coupe and garnish.

Served: served up; no ice or over one rock

Standard garnish: Mint sprig for garnish

Drinkware: coupe glass

A sleek glass filled with a grapefruit and vodka


This highball standard is as straightforward as it comes, with simply two ingredients—fresh grapefruit juice and great vodka—served over ice and stirred. This delicious starting point makes a solid base for a wide breadth of cocktails: add a salted rim for the Salty Dog, swap gin for vodka for a more aromatic tilt or pour a splash of vermouth or amaro, such as Punt e Mes or Campari for the Italian Greyhound.

Main Spirit: HH Bespoke Vodka

Ingredients: 1½ oz HH Bespoke Vodka, 3½ oz Grapefruit juice

Preparation: Shake vodka and grapefruit juice in cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a highball glass.

Served: Over ice cracked

Standard garnish: Grapefruit Wedge

Drinkware: Highball glass

This Cocktail photograph on a white backdrop features a long stemmed coupe glass with a large ice cube in it with a pink rum drink.

Harlem Walk

For New York City bartender Brooke Smith, this drink came from makes me think about growing up and spending time in large gatherings at church, where in Alabama at least there was always some kind of combo drink made with frozen sherbet and ginger ale or 7-up —the sort of mixture that every child loved and turned them into screaming and running in circles. But Smith remembers savoring it as a kid and admits that the memory of it is so strong that, as a grown man, if she saw a bowl of ginger ale and sherbet she’d “fucking attack it.” This is her more sensible, adult version of that childhood memory— a summery mix of grapefruit-infused sugar, HH Bespoke Gin, ginger ale, and grapefruit bitters.
Main Spirit: HH Bespoke Gin

Ingredients: 1 ½ oz HH Bespoke gin, ½ oz grapefruit oleo, ½ oz grapefruit juice, 2 oz ginger beer, 1 dash grapefruit bitters

Preparation: Shake gin, grapefruit oleo, and grapefruit juice in cocktail shaker with ice. Pour ginger ale and shaken ingredients into glass over ice. Top with a dash of bitters.

Served: Over large ice cube

Standard garnish: Grapefruit slice

Drinkware: Coupe glass

Brent Herrig - Food and Cocktail Photographer & Director


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